Strings, Death, Darkest Self, and Others


You can spend a String on another PC to:

  • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Subtract 1 from their roll against you (choose after rolling).
  • Offer them an experience point to do what you want.
  • Force them to hold steady in order to carry out a certain action.
  • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you’re dealing them.
  • Place a Condition on them.

You can spend a String on an NPC to:

  • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Add 3 to your manipulate an NPC roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Cause them to falter, hesitate, or freeze up momentarily.
  • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you’re dealing them.
  • Place a Condition on them.


Forward is a +1 bonus that you add to your next applicable roll. Sometimes this bonus can be used on any roll, but sometimes it’s specific to a certain situation. Sometimes, Forward has a time limit attached to it. Forward bonuses can only apply to a single roll, which uses up the advantage they represent.


Characters can gain Conditions over the course of play. If you take advantage of a Condition that someone has, while making a move against them, add 1 to your roll. In order to take advantage of a Condition mechanically, though, you need to take advantage of the Condition fictionally as well.

A Condition goes away when the character suffering it takes appropriate action to alleviate it. If a move or action does not specify which condition should be applied, the PC can make one up.


  • wounded
  • ashamed
  • drenched in pig’s blood
  • disoriented
  • terrified
  • marked as prey
  • untrusted

When the MC and Player think appropriate actions have been met to alleviate a condition, it stands relieved. Some moves, such as hold steady, allow you to remove a condition.


When you take your sixth harm, die.

To avoid death, erase all harm, then:

  • Become your Darkest Self, or
  • Lose all Strings you have on every-body.

Whenever you choose either of these options, gain the Condition drained as a result.


Harm never heals on its own. There are however a few ways to heal harm, other than driving your character to the brink of death:

  • Once per session, when you have time to rest and tend to your wounds, you may heal 1 harm.
  • If someone else attends to your wounds, delicately and intimately, possibly with erotic subtext, you may heal an additional 1 harm.

Darkest Self

When you become your Darkest Self, there’s a script to follow. That script is described on your Skin sheet. Play that script as hard as you can. This is the moment where you are supposed to lose sight of your humanity, whatever amount you had in the first place. It’s the point at which you forsake the world. You’ll be able to escape your Darkest Self eventually. Each Darkest Self has an escape clause that, when completed, returns you to normal.

Sex Moves

Each character has a sex move. Most are triggered by having sex with someone, though a few have alternate triggers. When your sex move is triggered, read it aloud and follow its instructions.

Rolling Dice

When asked to roll with something, roll two (six-sided) dice an add their sum to the stat in question.

A result of 10 or higher (10 up) will present you with favorable options.

A result of 7-9 will often present you with hard choices or partially-favorable options. A 6 or lower will give the MC a golden opportunity to take some action of her own.

The highest bonus you can have on any given roll is 5.


Most Skins can join a gang through an advancement option. On Skin advancement lists, gangs are bolded.

Every gang makes demands on its members. Every gang also has something that will trigger it into blind action. When that trigger occurs, they will pursue retaliation or dedicated response whether you want them to or not. Finally, a gang can be manipulated into helping you. When they help you with any task, add 1 to your rolls. When they join you in any act of violence, inflict an additional 1 harm.

Strings, Death, Darkest Self, and Others

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