Stat Generation

Each character has four stats.

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Volatile
  • Dark

Hot means gorgeous, alluring, magnetic. Someone you can’t stop thinking about.

Cold means stone-cold, calculating, collected, unwavering. They can be cruel and merciless, or able to keep their wits about them, or obstinate.

Volatile means impulsive, wild, feral, quick tempered and quick to fight. They are aggressive and sometimes unpredictable.

Dark means weird, mysterious, and sinister. They may be comfortable in physical darkness, or dabble in the occult, or liase with otherworldly forces.

When creating a character, each skin starts with two stats at +1 and two stats at -1, as determined by the Skin you have chosen. You may add +1 to any one of these.

Basic moves and the moves unique to your Skin key off of various stats. Choose wisely.

Stat Generation

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