Mora Eunarudh

Former freedom fighter; Survivor of The Farm


Skin: Ghoul

Look: striking; hungry eyes (gaunt; calculating eyes)


Hot: -1
Cold: 1
Volatile: 2
Dark: -1

Armor: 0

Experience: X X X O O

Harm: 0:00

  • Ready to get this shit over with and move on
  • Bridger Crighton: 1
  • Sunny: 2
  • Viktor: 1
  • Bridger Crighton: 2
  • Sunny: 2
  • Viktor: 1
  • power
  • sex with Aman
  • human sensations and experiences (temporary)

Darkest Self
You will maim, kill and destroy anything in between you and the nearest object of your hunger. You will feed relentlessly. You escape your Darkest Self when someone restrains you or fends you off for long enough for you to regain your composure – at least thirty or forty minutes.


Sex Move: When you have sex with someone, add “having sex with [this person]” as an additional Hunger. If you already have this Hunger, mark experience.

Disaffected: When you turn someone on, roll with cold.

Dissipate: You can walk through walls.

The Hunger: When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a feeding opportunity, roll to hold steady.

Short Rest for the Wicked: When you die, wait it out. Some hours later, you wake up fully healed.

Watchful Golem: When you defend someone without them ever knowing about it, mark experience.

Fly By Night: You’ve been dead too long for the truth to mean anything to you. The galaxy is what you say it is. Also, you’re terrifying. At the beginning of game, roll with Volatile. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time you may spend that hold, 1 for 1, to:

  • Say anything to an NPC. They will believe you.
  • Get a +1 to Turn Someone On, Shut Someone Down or Manipulate an NPC.

On a miss, someone sees the vulnerability you’ve buried under so many corpses. The MC gives a person of their choice a String on you, and you gain the condition Shaken until you either Feed or attempt to make peace with yourself.

Expertise – Skirmish: Chose any move from any list (Skirmish) that requires a die roll. Whenever you roll that move, any failure automatically becomes a 7-9.

Merciless: When you do harm, do +1 harm.


  • +1 Armor
  • Sword (3-harm, close, burn)
  • Teeny, tiny air filter.
  • Bandolier with 12 wee tiny grenades.


The rescue crew that pulled her out of the ruins of The Farm named the catatonic girl “Mora” after their ship. She was one of seven survivors, four of whom died of their wounds before the Mora made it back to what was left of the human fleet. One of the other survivors, Katrin, recognized Mora as one of the underground—the humans of The Farm who resisted their Xu overlords. Gradually, Mora remembered more, but never her real name, or how she’d survived Earth Fleet’s orbital bombardment.

The word “Eunarudh” seemed important to Mora, although she couldn’t remember why, nor what it meant. Eventually, she took it as her surname—a last reminder of her time on Mars.

When Rue was killed fighting one of Abaddon’s incarnations, she was “reborn” in the body of Mora Deux. She is (mostly) human again…at least, her heart is beating and her body is alive.


  • ✓ Take another Ghoul move (Disaffected).
  • __ Take another Ghoul move.
  • __ Take a move from another Skin.
  • ✓ Take a move from another Skin (Dissipate).
  • ✓ Take a personal move (Expertise: Skirmish).
  • ✓ Take a personal move (Merciless).
  • __ You have Necromantic Caretakers.
  • __ Add 1 to Hot (max 3).
  • __ Add 1 to Cold (max 3).
  • __ Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).
  • __ Add 1 to Dark (max 3).

Mora Eunarudh

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