Tends the garden (deceased)


Skin: Infernal
Hot: -1
Cold: -1
Volatile: +1
Dark: +2

Experience: O O O O O

Soul Debt:
Name a dark power that you owe a debt to. Choose two Bargains that it has made with you. It can hold Strings against you. Whenever it collects 5 Strings against you, trigger your Darkest Self.

Uncanny Voices
You can give the dark power a String in order to realize a secret about someone you’re talking to. The owner of that character will reveal one of their secret fears, secret desires, or secret strengths (they choose.)

Strings Attached:
You can ask the dark power for something that you really, really want. The MC will attach a price to the thing you want, and hint at an undesired twist in its nature. If you pay the price, you’ll get what you’re after.

Can’t Save Myself:
When somebody saves you from forces too powerful for you to reckon with, they mark experience, and you gain a String on them.

Sex Move:
When you have sex, the dark power loses a String on you and gains a String on whoever you had sex with.

Darkest Self: You can’t get what you need, anymore. The world has left you cold and alone, shivering in the wake of your own addictions. The dark power will make some open-ended demands of you, and it’ll promise you some lucrative (and perhaps volatile) things in return. Every demand you fulfill brings you a little closer to feeling whole again, to rekindling the fire in your heart. Whenever you fulfill those demands, remove a String it holds on you. You escape your Darkest Self when the dark power has no more Strings on you, or when you agree to an even worse bargain with an even more dangerous dark power.

__ Take another Infernal move.
__ Take the remaining Bargains.
__ Create a new Bargain (MC approval).
__ Take a move from another Skin.
__ Take a move from another Skin.
__ You supply for Needy Fiends.
__ Add 1 to Hot (max 3).
__ Add 1 to Cold (max 3).
__ Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).
__ Add 1 to Dark (max 3).


The chief botanist on the Daedalus mission was a man known officially as ‘Caesar’ (later searches revealed his birth name to be Andrew Reed, born in an undistinguished suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas and of no particular promise until midway through his junior year of high school, when he began demonstrating considerable scientific aptitude). He was killed in the attack that also slew Bartzabel, the leader of the Xu in the city of Dis.


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